Animating White Blink LED Stickers 6 pack

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Our new animating White Blink LED sticker is shaped like a sparkling gem!  Complete a circuit with a 3 volt coin cell battery* (we recommend the CR2032 or the flatter CR2016) and circuit tape*, and this LED will rhythmically blink on and off!  You can find more information and easy to use templates for the White Blink LED stickers HERE.

This pack includes:

  • 6 animating White Blink LED circuit stickers

*Circuit tape and batteries not included.  We recommend pairing our animating LED stickers with our Craft with Light color or white kits that include everything you'll need for several projects!

Use our new animating stickers just like our original LED stickers.  You can also combine this sticker with our original LED stickers or the other new animating stickers for even more variety!  You'll love the playful pattern of this sticker!

Check out our Animating LEDs page for more information and resources for all of our animating LED sticker options!

You can find even more inspiration for these stickers over on our bloginstagram, and YouTube channel!